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The “Tuesday talks” are the BLISS's main seminar series. These talks take place on most Tuesdays during term, in the Seminar Room 505 of the Admin Building, Haiyun Park, Xiamen University. They start at 16:30 and last about 45–60 min.

The talks are held by both Ph.D students, Master Students as well as members of the department or invited speakers. They are targeted at anyone with a background in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Intelligent Robotics, in particular also students. Topics span the full range of Artificial Intelligence and beyond.

For further information about the Tuesday seminar series contact Dr. Fei CHAO.

The talks are also open for all members of IEEE Computational Intellgience Society, especially for the members of IEEE CIS Xiamen Chapter.

Upcoming talks

Presentation Title: Semantic Understanding for Searching

Presenter: Mr. DAI Shuaixiang (Baidu Inc.)

Data: 2015/12/30

Time: 7:30 pm -9:00 pm

Place: Seminar Room 505, Adamin Bulg., Haiyun Park, Xiamen University

Materials:  Click HERE

Past talks

Presentation Title

Mr. HUANG Yuxuan 2015/11/10 PDF

Ms. WU Qiuxia 2015/11/17 PDF

Mr. XIA Tianyu 2015/11/24 PDF

Mr. ZHU He 2015/12/1 PDF

Mr. PENG Zhen 2015/12/8 PDF
Deep Learning and Its Applicatoin on Brain-Machine Interface
Mr. REN Wei Feng
2015/12/15 PDF

Mr. ZHANG Xin (Ph.D Student) 2015/12/22 PDF